With Love and Legacy the passion continues…. Passion, Quality and LOL (labor of love)


Jody and Bob in his home at the ranch.  Jody worked for Bob over the last 14+ of 16 years.  She has had her hands in everything but the growing of the grapes.  While this was the case at the ranch, it was not the case when it came to other vineyards in which her friends/growers let her prune, leaf thin, raise wires, and even harvest.  One such vineyard being the Odyssey Vineyard.

“There is even an art to raising wires” says Jody as she prepares the wires and vines for Margaret, the grower, to meticulously ‘set them’.  “This years early heavy rains made it very difficult to get the tractors through the small vineyards.  It was often easier to do a lot by hand”.  More so than usual.