Developing a Swing that fits your body type:

Developing a Swing that fits your body type: By Ed Tischler (New Horizons Golf Approach Founder) One of the biggest hurdles golfers encounter is the ability to develop a dependable swing.  By dependable swing, I mean one that is natural, efficient, and easy to repeat.  Developing such a swing is a personal task, the reason being that…

Hawaiian Home Spectacular – Member Benefit

The PARVINO Golf and Wine Club offers a host of benefits.  This year, we are happy to add to the privileges of membership a “Friends and Family” rate and booking priority to our members for this Hawaiian Beach Home Spectacular.  Here are some of the amenities: The most spectacular 2,500 sq. ft. condo in Wai…

Hybrid golf clubs

Some call them ‘cheaters’ but they also call eyeglasses ‘cheaters’.  Let go of the judgement and get yourself some hybrid golf clubs!  They do the same for your game as ‘cheaters’ do for your reading.

Save the Date!

A Toast to the First Tee at the President’s Cup.  Wednesday, October 7, 2009 following the Opening Ceremony.